Form 16B Download from Traces – Easy Steps

Form 16B Download from Traces   Easy StepsGovernment has made it mandatory w.e.f 01.06.2013 on buyer of property to deduct TDS @ 1% on payment made after 01.06.2013 if Purchase Consideration of the Property exceeds Rs. 50 Lakh.  

Deductor can pay such TDS by any of the following mode:-

Either make the payment online (through e-tax payment option) immediately or make the payment subsequently through e-tax payment option (net-banking account) or by visiting any of the authorized Bank branches. However, such bank branches will make e-payment without digitization of any challan. The bank will get the challan details from the online form filled on

Once the Payment is made now the dedcuctor is required to issue TDS certificate in form 16B to the seller of the Property. Now the question is how to prepare or from where deductor can get such certificate for the purpose of issue to the seller? Answer is deductor can download such certificate from Traces website and issue to the seller.

Procedure to Download TDS certificate in form 16B is as follows:-

1. Login to:

2. Click on Register New User and you will be asked to provide basic details such as your

  • PAN
  • Date of Birth
  • Last, Middle and First Name and would also be required to further validate details of either tax deducted (option 1) or tax paid by you (option 2).

3. On Validation of details, your account will be created.  User ID by default would be your PAN, You would have the option of providing Pass word of your choice.  A email would be automatically generated providing you an activation link with a second code being text on your mobile.  Having activated your account, it is now ready to be used.  Services currently available are view 26AS statement and down load Form 16B in case you are the buyer of immovable Properties.  May be in near future you are able to download your Form 16 or 16A also through this window.

To download form 16B, go to download, click on request for form 16B, validate details and submit your request.  After some time the same shall be available under download menu. Click on download, click of available and download and save it your computer.

Print, sign and deliver it to the seller.


TDS on property / FAQ

What is Form 16B?

Form 16B is the TDS certificate to be issued by the deductor (Buyer of property) to the deductee (Seller of property) in respect of the taxes deducted and deposited into the Government Account.

From where will I get the Form 16B?

Form 16B will be available for download from the website of Centralized Processing Cell of TDS (CPC-TDS)

I am a buyer, whether I should deduct TDS on Property from the amount exceeding the property value of Form 16B Download from Traces   Easy Steps50 Lakhs or on the whole amount of property sold?

For example, If amount of   property sold is Form 16B Download from Traces   Easy Steps70 Lakhs, would TDS be calculated at Form 16B Download from Traces   Easy Steps20 Lakhs or on Form 16B Download from Traces   Easy Steps70 Lakhs?
TDS is to be deducted on the amount paid/credited to the seller. In the above e.g. the deduction will be on total amount i.e. on Form 16B Download from Traces   Easy Steps70 Lakhs.


What is Form 26QB?

The online form available on the TIN website for furnishing information regarding TDS on property is termed as
Form 26QB


What is the procedure for furnishing TDS through the e-tax payment option immediately after providing the transaction details?

E-Payment facilitates payment of taxes online by taxpayers. To avail this facility the taxpayer is required to have a net-banking account with any of the Authorized Banks. Please follow the steps as under to pay tax online:-

Step 1

a) Log on to NSDL-TIN website (
b) Click on the option “Furnish TDS on property”.
c) Select Form for Payment of TDS on purchase of Property.

Step 2

After selecting the form you will be directed to the screen for entering certain information.


a) Permanent Account Number (PAN) of Property Purchaser and Seller.
b) Address of the Purchaser, Seller as well as the Property being purchased
c) Financial Year during which the Purchase has been made
d) Major Head Code – To indicate the type of tax applicable viz; Tax on companies/Tax on other than companies
e) Value of Property
f) Date of agreement/booking
g) Amount Paid/credited (Transaction amount)
h) Rate of TDS
i) TDS Amount
j) Dates of payment/credit, deduction
k) Select the option for “Payment of taxes on Subsequent Date”

It is important to ensure that PAN of Buyer and Seller are correctly mentioned in the form. There is no online mechanism for subsequent rectification. Deductor will have to approach the Assessing Officer or CPC-TDS for rectification of errors.

Step 3

After entering all the above detail, click on PROCEED button. The system will check the validity of PAN. In case PAN is not available in the database of the Income Tax Department then you cannot proceed with the payment of tax.

If PAN is available then TIN system will display the contents you have entered along with the “Name” appearing in the ITD database with respect the PAN entered by you.

Step 4

You can now verify the details entered by you. In case you have made a mistake in data entry, click on “EDIT” to correct the same. If all the detail and name as per ITD is correct, click on “SUBMIT” button. Nine digit alpha numeric ACK no. will be generated and you will be directed to the net-banking site provided by you.

Please be informed that the name and status of PAN is as per the ITD PAN Master. You are required to verify the name before making payment. In case any discrepancy is observed, please confirm the PAN entered by you. Any change required in the name displayed as per the PAN Master can be updated by filling up the relevant change request forms for PAN. If the name is correct, then click on “Confirm”

Step 5

After confirmation an option will be provided for submitting to Bank. On clicking on Submit to Bank deductor will have to login to the net-banking site with the user ID/ password provided by the bank for net-banking purpose and enter payment details at the bank site.

On successful payment a challan counterfoil will be displayed containing CIN, payment details and bank name through which e-payment has been made. This counterfoil is proof of payment being made.


How do I know whether my bank provides this facility?

To avail this facility the taxpayer is required to have a net-banking account with any of the Authorized Banks. List of Authorized Banks is available at the TIN website in the link


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