IPCC Nov 2015 Suggested Answers Question Papers

Group – 1 Solutions


Costing and FM

Group – 2 Solutions

Advanced Accounting

Auditing and Assurance


Nov 2013 Question Papers

Group – 1 Question Papers


Costing and FM

ICAI Disclaimer: The Suggested Answers hosted in the website do not constitute the basis for evaluation of students answers in the examination. The answers are prepared by the Faculty of the Board of Studies with a view to assist the students in their education. While due care is taken in preparation of the answers, if any errors or omissions are noticed, the same may be brought to the attention of the Director of Studies. The Council of the Institute is not in anyway responsible for the correctness or otherwise of the answers published there in.

The Board of Studies regularly prepares and publishes Suggested Answers to questions set in the CA examinations, held every six months. The Suggested answers volumes (and their compositions in some subjects) are a valuable source of study for the CA Students.

The Suggested Answers provide credible glimpses of not only the desirable ways in which examination questions are to be attempted but also of the professional quality and standard of the answers expected by the students in the CA examination. Students will be well-advised to have collection of such volumes of Suggested Answers for atleast 10 to 12 previous examinations.

President Message to Students: “Chartered Accountancy course call for a scrupulous strategy and a sincere approach in order to succeed. Its curriculum is of high standard and a judicious mix of theory and practice. A complete understanding of the course structure and adequate planning to cover the same holistically in the sina qua non for getting success in examinations. One of the areas of the highest considerations for the ICAI is bolstering the academic foundation of the students, especially in view of the evolving dynamics of the global business environment.”


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