Stamp Paper For CA Articleship Procedure Amount

Here, the details regarding Stamp Paper required for CA Articleship, Stamp Paper amount required etc. Students who cleared CA IPCC Exams, and students who have enrolled for CA IPCC Under Direct Entry Scheme, must register for CA Articleship training with a Chartered accountant. While a student joins an articleship firm, both the Student and Chartered Accountant must enter into an agreement in form 103.

Purpose of Stamp Paper

The purpose of the agreement is that, during the tenure of the CA Articleship training, the Principal pays Stipend every month and in return the student performs his work. This is in the form of a normal contract. So, ICAI has made it mandatory that when a student joins articleship training, he/she must make the form to be stamped as a Stamp paper and keep it with the student it self.

Stamp Paper Amount Value:

Answer – The Agreement between the Auditor and the Article Assistant should be entered through an agreement with a minimum stamp duty value of Rs.10/-. Technically, ICAI hasn’t prescribed any minimum fee.

Generally, Rs.100 is the value that is used by most of the students joining articles.


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Students can either first get a Stamp paper and get it signed or first take the signature of the principal and then get it stamped from the local registrar office. The From with Stamp paper must be kept with the student only.

You can get the forms from below link:

Procedure for Registration

Form 102 and Form 103


  1. what should be write on stamp paper for article registrion

  2. what should be write on stamp paper for article registrion

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